Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Neighbor Totoro

Okay so I'm 28 years late to this party but My Neighbor Totoro(1988) a film by Hayao Miyazaki is really, really good.  In my defense, I would have only been 27 years late but it took me a few months to find a link to watch for free.  So here you are: My Neighbor Totoro

My students couldn't believe I hadn't seen his films and then a friend said she loved this film separately, within the same week, so I have been curious and finally see what the excitement is about. 

There is a giant, lazy rabbit-cat spirit that borrows umbrellas named Totoro.  And exquisite drawing and juxtaposition of rendered realistic spaces and flat ephemeral figures that are woven together in the same frames to discuss the impermance of humanity and all that.  But most importantly since watching the film I have found Nugget's most accurate nickname to date: baby Totoro.

A few screenshots below.  And what nature hero creature doesn't have his own cat bus helicopter?  All heroes should, but only Totoro does. 

The cat bus with mouse head and tail lights


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