Sunday, December 13, 2015

Solo Show @ McCleaf

The proof of my card for my first solo show came in this week.  I'm excited.  And anxiety ridden.  But I'm happy with the card!  I'll be getting the bulk of them this week and sending them out.  If you would like one please email me or leave a comment here.  

I spent a lot of time thinking about a title.  I think it is so important for the title to strike the same note as the work.  I hate titles that are pretentious, I hate titles that are didactic, I hate titles that are airtight or snarky.  I didn't want anything too whimsical for this show as this work is a little darker.  But my work is grounded in my life and in humor.  It needed to be just like the work when at its best -- inviting and relatable in a direct way but also weightier, intangible and more complex as it shifts into focus.  So Spaghetti for Breakfast.  

 The title also relates to paintings I made of this actual event, which was on my mind after reading passages (Chapter 2 and 11) of Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami a few times.  The mood he creates looms large over my thinking in creating this body of work.  Half of the paintings were already done when I read it for the first time and just felt like what I was doing was being confirmed by an outside source, like I was tapping into a wavelength already out there. 

The show opens in less than a month, Friday January 8th from 5-7pm.  It's a really short month with New Year's and school starting back up.  Here goes nothing...


Peggi Kroll-Roberts said...

I love your work. I wish I could see it in person! Congrats and best wishes.

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