Monday, May 11, 2015

Privacy Made Public at NHAC

I am thrilled to be included in this upcoming survey put together by a very talented painter himself, Alex Cohen.  I feel like he reached into my brain and picked out so many of my favorite painters working today.  

The theme of privacy, too, is one that is right-on for me, as a painter who is constantly mining my own life for subject matter.  I grapple a lot with the idea of what to share every time I write a post here or upload a painting.  There is a certain power in a painting that comes from a private space but also an added vulnerability in it -- when it hits a viewer right, it can blow your hair back, but if it misses it feels like seeing a puppy being kissed by a baby on a soft blanket.

Take a look at painters who do intimate painting right at links below and then see their work in person at New Hope Arts Center May 30th from 6-9pm through June 21st.

Mariel Capanna
Miriam Carpenter
Peter Haarz
 Marissa Halderman


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