Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recent Philly Shows

 I've seen some really good local shows recently that just opened.  The first is at Kelly Writer's House which is an actual house on Penn's campus at 38th and Locust where students gather and different events about writing and art take place.  It has the most wonderful aura in there.  I'm not someone who is generally so sensitive to that but you can't help but take a deep breath entering the space.  It is cozy and beautiful and light filled and you can feel the energy of people having great times and discussions in its corners.  

What brought me in was Samantha Mitchell's show In Grain, a series of beautiful prints hung thoroughout the first floor. (apologies for some of the photos having glare)

Another show that just opened is Smart Play at Gross Mccleaf.  It is the work of Todd Keyser and David Kettner.

I especially loved the painting above for how minimalist it was but how much it opened up as a space with light.

And then yesterday I went to Swarthmore College's List Gallery to see the work of Kevin Snipes.  I wasn't familiar with his work but have been really into ceramic stuff recently.  This show blew my hair back!  It was so good -- weird forms and narratives, it completely turns functional pottery on its head.


Peggi Kroll-Roberts said...

Into ceramics too! You might enjoy Rudy Autio's work. Thanks for your wonderful posts.

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Peggi! His work looks wild, I love it. Thanks for sharing -- maybe he will appear in a later post...reminds me of Chagall's ceramic work.

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