Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Fine Arrangement Exhibition @ PAFA Museum

Below are some images from the A Fine Arrangement exhibition currently on view at PAFA.  Curated by Jan Baltzell and Michael Gallagher, it is a large show with a great variety of paintings in scale, time period, style and imagery, highlighting the versatility of the genre.  I keep going back to the show and finding new things.  It's been a really engaging show for me and I love that it is up for a few months (opened in October, ends April 12th)

There is a free, public opening on Tuesday, January 27th from 4:30 - 6:30 and a panel discussion Wednesday March 4th from 5:30 - 7:30.  

Jimmy Bellew, Palette, 2012

left: Laura Adams, Jade Bracelet, 2013(?),  right: George Cope, Spectacles, 1900 
Jane Piper, Still Life with Two Compotes, 1968

Raymond Saunders, La Chambre, 1961

left: my painting Black Curtain, 2014, right: Richard Diebenkorn Interior with Doorway, 1961 (one of my favorite paintings ever, looked at it all the time while in school)

Humbert Howard, The Yellow Cup, 1949-50

Unidentified Artist, Still Life with Pumpkin, 19th Century

Jane Wilson, Some of Willa's Things, 1971 (a favorite of my from PAFA's collection, almost always in the vault) 
Claire Kincade, At the Foot of the Table, 2013

Michael Rossman, Leaves, 1969

left: Horace Pippin, The Warped Table, 1940, right: my painting Pink Flower with Clock, 2014

Michael Ciervo, Untitled(Power, Corruption, Lies/Fantin-Latour), 2008 (excuse the glare)

from left: Ken Kewley, Jimmy Leuders, Bill Scott

Abraham Rattner, The Round Table, 1945
left: Catherine Mulligan, Still Life, 2008, right: my painting Late Night Light, 2014 

Joshua Marsh, Not, 2013

Elizabeth Godshalk Burger, Still Life, 1940 

Jan Baltzell, Begonia, 1971-72

These installation shots show how big the gallery is with a lot of work to digest.  I probably only posted a quarter of the work, if that.  It continues into the stairwell gallery and back gallery as well.

  As a still life painter I always feel like there are not enough shows of good, radical still life paintings to sink my teeth into.  This is a really satisfying experience and worth a visit and a return visit for sure.


sandy said...

Thanks for sharing that wonderful exhibition. Must be a great privilege to see works of such calibre. I love that you keep going back. It takes a while to know a painting.

Karla Heartsfield Howard said...

What a Great Exhibition! My Father-in-law, Humbert Howard, would have been very pleased and proud to be a part.

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Sandy! That's very cool Karla, he was a great painter.

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Sandy! That's very cool Karla, he was a great painter.

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