Friday, December 26, 2014

Holidays 2014

We went to the Lake Street Dive concert a couple weeks ago and since I've been listening to other songs of theirs recently.  I found this recording today and was thinking how appropriate it feels at this time of year.

I always envision the holidays as a time of quiet, at home with a fire and twinkly lights and hours that stretch.  In reality, there is a fire and twinkly lights but it is also the time of year I feel the most involved in other people's worlds.  It is a constant barrage of stories and discussion, and while that is nice, it is a different mental space than I usually occupy.  I feel like I can barely hear my own thoughts.  I am craving a day alone in my studio.  So yea, this song has that quiet, beautiful vibe of the holidays but also the sentiments of living among so many other people's lives.

Happy Holidays all.


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