Monday, July 28, 2014

NY Art Beat App

I am usually really late to the party when it comes to anything technological.  So this may not be news to anyone except me.  But operating under the assumption that there may be some people like me out there who read this blog, I wanted to share this excellent addition to my life: NY Art Beat app.  It's the first app I have paid money for (1.99) but it is so worth it I think.

It basically takes the gallery guide book that I used to spend about 1-2 hours looking through and circling with pen and organizes it so that you know what shows are happening in each neighborhood and even which are nearby to you or which are popular among the app's users.  

I only got a smartphone about seven months ago and I have very mixed feelings about it.  I love the camera and I love the accessibility but I can feel myself becoming a street zombie (you know them) on occasion.  It can be such a time suck.  However, this is a great convenience that I find very time-saving.


Anonymous said...

I only got a smart phone about seven several weeks ago and I have very combined emotions about it. I really like the digicam and I really like the availability but I can experience myself becoming a road living dead (you know them) on event. It can be such a moment pull. However, this is a fantastic comfort that I discover very time-saving.


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