Thursday, May 1, 2014


Piero della Francesca, Saint Jerome in the Wilderness, 1450, Tempera on Wood

I found the magic that is Piero della Francesca while studying abroad in Italy.  I actually first saw his work in person which is a pretty unlikely thing to say, but right then I knew I was standing in front of something serious. (we also had this crazy art history professor that had a microphone that went directly into our headsets as we walked through the entire town of Sansepolcro.  So..., that could have been the voice telling me it was something serious)

But I still really marvel at his paintings even if it is mainly in reproduction.  Imagine my disappointment when last night I realize this gorgeous beyond glorious painting was at the Met while I was seeing the gobs of mostly mediocre stuff just blocks away.  Bummer.  

Anyway, isn't it the most wonderful looking painting?  Luckily the Met has a really fantastic virtual viewer here.  Such a composition.  The red in the foreground, the simultaneous flatness and depth in the trees, the translucence of the lion, the reflections in the water, the way St. Jerome becomes part of the mountainside.  I'm in love!


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