Saturday, April 19, 2014

New York Highlights

Yesterday I went up to NY on a usual full studio day.  I debated giving up the studio time but hadn't been on a full gallery day since the late fall.  There was the good, the bad and the ugly of course but I had done some research ahead of time so the majority of things were quite good to see.  

I also planned the travel in a quite perfect way, I have to say, I took the 8am bolt bus up to the new stop at 12th and 33rd, and walked about 5 minutes down to Chelsea.  Spent about 2 hours there, then took a nice route through NYU's campus down to the LES.  I had a bowl of Pho before spending 2.5 hours rambling around there, meeting a friend and heading back on the 4:15 that departs from 6th and Grand nearby.  It was a 12 hour day, but one that involved no subway and a $12 tab.  It was fun.

Here are my highlights:

Romare Bearden @ DC Moore
This show was seriously good.  I felt the kind of love where you don't want to share it with anyone kind of love.    
Jules Olitski @ Paul Kasmin

This one was more undecided for me.  Something in me loved the visceral quality of the paint.  Something in me hated the gold frames and certain color decisions that felt oh so 80s.  Still it was a highlight because it has stuck with me.

Rackstraw Downes @ Betty Cuningham

I don't think anyone could say Rackstraw Downes isn't a good painter.  This show has a span of many paintings in different light and locales.  They were a little consistent in the small brushwork for me, but there were many more magical moments within the paintings that kept me looking, like this beautiful barbed wire detail.

Gary Stephan @ Susan Inglett
Didn't love this whole show but liked the smaller paintings, particularly this one.

Eve Aschheim @ Lori Bookstein 
A really nice show of work within narrow parameters that does surprising things with color and space. 

Eleanor Ray @ SHFAP
So many gems in this exhibition.  

Pius Fox @ Pablo's Birthday
This was my surprise of the day.  I never had heard of Pius Fox before seeing this show and it was excellent.

Pius Fox @ Pablo's Birthday

I also enjoyed the group show at Brian Morris, but didn't snap any shots.  At that point I guess I was getting a bit worn out.


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