Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Chagall

I find Marc Chagall's lesser known ceramic work way more fantastic and suited to his work than his paintings.  The way forms can encircle each other and disappear around the side or be distorted by the shape of the vase is so appropriate.  I think his manipulation of composition is so much better on these, the surfaces look quite beautiful too.

Another thing about Chagall that I hold close to my heart is something he did not make but rather influence.  It is a poem by my favorite poet Kay Ryan and speaks to the whimsy I strive to find in making a painting and making a life.

Every Painting by Chagall

Every twined groom and bride,
every air fish, smudged Russian,
red horse, yellow chicken, assumes
its position not actually beside
but in some friendly distribution
with a predictable companion.
Every canvas insists on a
similar looseness, each neck
put to at least two uses. And wings
from some bottomless wing source.
They are pleasure wings of course
since any horse or violinist
may mount the blue
simply for wanting to.
(In freedom, dear things
Repeat without tedium.)

I love that: ...may mount the blue simply for wanting to.


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