Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Pick: Leon Benn's Monoprints

Monoprints, monotype and dye on paper. 11 x 14in. 2013 

I really enjoy the monoprints of artist Leon Benn.  A recent graduate of UCLA's MFA, he makes quite nice paintings too, but I think the monoprints deserve their own look.

  I would love to see them in person, but through these well shot photographs, a real sense of the materials still comes through.  The delicacy of the paper, the richness of its color and the plate's indentation all aid a considered final print.  The mark and color of each feel like deliberate decisions with just enough room for  process to guide the whole thing.  Beautifully done.


Isabella Di Sclafani said...

Hi Aubrey,
Leon's work is so solid and fresh. Thanks for taking the time to post his work on your blog. Your other recent posts have also been very inspiring and eye-opening. Makes me take a second look at my own work and progress.

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Isabella. That makes me happy.

Unknown said...
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