Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Pick: Romare Bearden

One of my all time favorite artists is Romare Bearden (1911-1988).  He is one of the few greats that I can constantly come back to and learn from regardless of what work I am making.  And I find he is a great artist for students to look at too, regardless of their age.  His ability to manipulate a visual world we are all familiar with through color, composition and scale to portray content is masterful.  It is something that most people even unfamiliar with art or its terms can feel on an intuitive level.  The scale, particularly of people and their limbs, are something I am very interested in at the present moment.

 I also so admire his ability to mix printed papers and clippings with painted materials.  The blending of high resolution/graphic forms and freedom of spaces and painted areas is wonderful.  He achieves a vision that is all his own, his work is immediately recognizable as his, but it is also simultaneously recognizable as a world I can relate to as my own, and that is art at its best.  


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