Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gallery Hopping List NYC

My recent NY trip map (if you will)
Recently, a reader from overseas asked me for any recommendations on galleries to visit in NY when in for a short visit.  I have had a running list of favorites on my computer that I check before heading up myself.  But when my computer bit the dust a few weeks back, I realized it would make a lot of sense to put this list in a safer place: my sketchbook.  I also thought it might be something helpful to put up here after hearing there may be some interest for it (...and in case my luck goes really bad and I lose my sketchbook too.)

So here are my favorite, most solid choices (only in Manhattan):
Cheim & Read
Edward Thorp
Elizabeth Harris
Sears Peyton
Sikkema Jenkins
Tibor de Nagy

Here are my second favorite, most solid choices:
Anton Kern
Bowery Gallery
DC Moore
George Billis
J. Cacciola
Lori Bookstein
Matthew Marks
Mitchell-Innes & Nash
The Painting Center
Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

And here are the enormous, monstrous galleries that are less my style but worth seeing anyway:
David Zwirner

So that is my usual rundown.  If you have any suggestions to add please leave them in the comments section. I will try any gallery once...


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