Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Pick: Francis Davison

I find the collage work of Francis Davison (1919 - 1984) so exquisite.  Davison only used found papers and never changed the color, only through the relationships of the collage did the color become so rich.  A reader said of Judith Farr's work 'equal parts restraint and wild abandon'.  This comment has been in my mind a bit, and I think it is a key feeling in works that I really admire most.  Looking at a work, I like to feel the artist working, editing and changing things relentlessly but also searching for the point where there is just enough, no excess.  And I think Davison is an artist to learn so much of that from looking at his work.  


Anonymous said...

I love these collages, they're so chunky! I love that comment about my work also, and I think it really applies here. Sometimes the right words to describe something really make all the difference to how you think about it! Thanks again for the interview it has given me a good chance to have a new perspective on my work!

Aubrey Levinthal said...

I love them too -- yes that was a great descriptor. Thank you for the interview -- glad you enjoyed.

Unknown said...

Your paintings are wonderful - I always enjoy seeing them!

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