Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Painting and Titles

Fruit for Lou, 2013, 16.5 x 18, Oil on Panel

Here is a new painting of mine, done in the midst of an awful studio week.  Not a typical type awful studio experience you may be picturing, awful in that I was doing everything but painting required of a painter.  

Documenting work, applying to a show, applying to a few jobs, (which includes the dreaded updating aka complete re-writing of all materials)...you get the idea.  So I was glad to see that somehow I made something I am really excited about in the few hours I could free my mind.  Maybe the creative energy that was utterly dying inside came out my brush?

Anyways, I needed a title for the piece right around my breaking moment when thinking of one more word to describe myself, my work, anything, felt like a death sentence.  (I know this is all sounding a bit dramatic but it was, especially the moment my computer bit the dust with three more pages to print.)

  So I turned to Alex, who ironically works as an attorney defending people on death row and will not enjoy my reference above and did not find my predicament the least bit life-altering, and said "title this pleaseee!" 

Because I think titles are so important to get right.  Ideally, they operate just as the painting does, so for me I guess its some sort of poetic reference of the world and objects around me.  And right when I think, I don't care I'll just title it, I think what if Rosy-Fingered Dawn wasn't titled that way?  It can be such a missed opportunity. 

And Alex then casually pulled me out of my neurotic mental spiral downward with 'Fruit for Lou'? Lou is a nickname for our dog and there you go, it was personal and weird and seemingly normal but actually illogical and exactly like the painting.


Katie Thompson said...

Love your work! Beautiful pop of pink!

Aubrey Levinthal said...

Thanks Katie!

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