Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Pick: Jane Piper

Jane Piper, Untitled, 1987-88, Woodmere Art Museum

Jane Piper, Fruits of the Earth

Jane Piper, Three Bowls of Fruit, 1983

Jane Piper, Red and White Checked Tablecloth, 1984

Jane Piper, Ferns, Two Mirrors and Four Oranges

I have admired the work of Jane Piper since I was in high school.  My parents knew her work, as she was a major presence in the Philadelphia art world.  

In fact, looking back, her work probably played a role in me going to PAFA for graduate school, as her daughter Jan Baltzell, whose work I also admire greatly, was a critic of mine there.  

Piper's paintings are complex and simple all at once.  Paired down to an essence but full of movement and fresh color.  A few of her pieces are owned by the Woodmere Art Museum and beautiful in person.  I like to look at them for a long time and watch the white start to vibrate against the bits of intense color.  

Her work is referenced here in Philadelphia and at PAFA a lot but online it doesn't seem to have the size presence it deserves.  Looking at her work always reinforces in me the fact that still life can continually bring around new jumping off points and intrigue in the studio.


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