Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Pick: Daniel Galas

Jacque Pregnant, 2013, Oil

Power Outage, 30 x 24, Oil on Canvas

Driveway, 2010, 11 x 14, Mixed Media

George Washington Bridge, 36 x 48, Oil on Canvas

Basketball Hoop, 2010, 22 x 30, Soft Pastel on Paper

Umbrella, 2010, 18 x 24, Mixed Media on Paper

Flower, 22 x 28, Oil on Canvas
Water Jug, 27.5 x 20, Oil on Canvas
I love Daniel Galas' work.  It was one of those rare art finds that knocked me breathless.  Like the best thing I have seen in a long time, stopped dead in my tracks style.  

I discovered his work thanks to studio critical( a great website by the way) where he is interviewed.  And not only do I love his work but I love his insights in the interview and continued on his very considered and enjoyable gem of a blog.  

I will leave you with a few of his words of wisdom to entice you to check out his workinterview and blog for yourself:

Never concern yourself with being original; originality just happens.
Just because a work of art is hanging in a museum doesn’t mean that you have to like it.
The greatest art never tries to be great.
All artists have only one option: to become the artist that they are.
Great artists know how to use their weaknesses for their strengths.
Authenticity is the greatest quality a work of art can possess.
The greater the material limitations an artist has, the greater the opportunity the artist has for transcending them.
Do not take from nature, make from nature.
Honor diversity in art. The more styles and aesthetics there are, the richer their distinctions become.
To be involved in a community of artists is the only way for career success.
Never pay anyone to exhibit your work
.If you aren’t being denied fifteen times a year from submitting your work for shows you aren’t applying enough.

Love this.  Especially for me the ones about using weakness as strength and transcending material limitations.  Great things to think on.


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