Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Pick: Angela A'Court

Peony NYC, 36 x 52 cm
Jug and Artichoke, Soft Pastel, 25 x 28 cm

Two Blue Jugs, Soft Pastel, 52 x 58 cm

Pink Pot, Red Cup, Soft Pastel, 47 x 62cm

I was introduced this week to the drawings of Angela A'Court by Nancy (below).  I was immediately curious to take a look when she said A'Court's treatment of the pastel medium was contemporary and fresh.  I could not conjure up what this would look like in my mind as I don't see a lot of contemporary pastel drawing around. 
I was so excited when I pulled these up.  The way the pastel is handled with bold lines and blocks of color is beautiful.  I also like the way that with a few objects she is able to manipulate the sense of space and placement of objects, things are able to float around so freely.
Here are a few great words from her statement on her process:
"I gather my visual language from the grace of everyday ordinariness, private worlds, unguarded moments, the unsaid - the remnants of human presence. I paint what makes me curious and seek to render the truest emotional response that drew me in to stop and take note."


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