Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Etsy Artist Love: Alexandra Lakin

Aren't these great?  Alexandra Lakin's statuettes are so wonderful.  They are so bizarre and I feel pretty sure she has a lot of back story to these oddball characters because as I look at them, I start making up stories in my own head.  And the fact that two different people share the same body makes them that much better. And by that much I mean so much.

I also want to make a note here that the title 'etsy artist love' I give to some posts on artists is due to the fact that that is where I came across their work and follow along.  She has an artist website as well with great drawings/paintings.  

I have a very positive and opinionated feeling towards Etsy as a place for real artists, painters, makers, (not to say that every thing on there is so), but my title is not a qualifier.  In fact, I have been meaning to make a post about Etsy and the wonderful community it brought to me -- stay tuned for that another day.  


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