Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Adelie Bischoff!

Happy 87th birthday to Adelie Bischoff!  I was so delighted when a friend of Adelie Bischoff's contacted me to say she was showing my previous post on a painting of Adelie's to her because she thought she would get a kick out of it on her 87th birthday.  

I know I didn't meet her or even directly interact, but for some reason I felt starstruck to even for one second be in the world of such a great painter.  The whole thing sent me into a tailspin, picturing how interesting and wonderful her life must be, living in California, painting, and participating in such a group of painters as the SF Bay Area group.  

I can only hope that I have as many great memories when I am 87 -- better go paint -- enjoy these other exquisite paintings by her.


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