Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Painting: New Process?

Here is a new painting of mine.  It looks somewhat serene in the end but I can tell you painting this one was anything but that.  There are at least 4 other paintings underneath -- but sometimes that is how I make my best work.  I completely abandon any sentimentality I have for the piece and weird things end up happening that I think are clever -- like the laptop becoming an arm of the chair.  

It also ended up being interesting in that it is a semi self portrait with my backyard out the window, but with all these household objects I don't own -- just wish I did.  It was freeing -- I abandoned painting my things, and just went with any things the painting needed( and things I'd need if I had gobs of money.)  

I threw in a West Elm lamp, Anthropologie pillow, Etsy bookends, a glass table and other one of a kind items.  This could be a new budget friendly shopping option for me :)  But seriously, I think it is much better than some of my works which adhere more to my reality -- painted with more instinct and less rules.  I'll see if it keeps up -- somehow I blame and thank Pinterest for this.


Derrick Quevedo said...

A natural and exciting progression! Now you can really begin floating in a dream world!

Unknown said...

This piece is very nice. It has such realism .... Come visit and follow my new blog :) *Cynthia

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