Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Painted Veil

I watched The Painted Veil on Sunday with absolutely no expectations and was really surprised.  I never really heard anything about this movie but it was really beautiful.  I felt so many stills were like paintings I would want to look at, so I screen captured a few.  They are below:

I thought the color in the film was really nice too and changed a lot from place to place and with the mood of each scene.  The costuming was great too, after Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey, myself and the rest of the country (or so it seems) are a bit obsessed with this era.  Ed Norton with his cropped haircut and dark temperament was pretty easy on the eyes too. 


joe said...

try "In the Mood for Love" next, every frame is a painting. I recommended it to Kanevsky and a long time ago and i see it in his paintings now.

Aubrey Levinthal said...

thanks joe! i will, I love having an artsy movie to watch on Sundays -- feels like I'm doing something studio productive without any of the frustration. I want to see about Alex Kanevsky's work in the film too.

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