Monday, February 27, 2012

Painting the Periphery Show

I have been working tirelessly curating this show:

Painting the Periphery, an exhibit featuring 12 artists who push the boundaries of perceptual painting and attempt to capture something they see which is more elusive to the paintbrush – the felt, the sensed, the remembered experience of their visual observations. Through color, form and composition, these artists manipulate the painted surface to match the way the world looks when they close their eyes, gather an impression and glance from their peripheral vision.

Artists in the show include Jason Bombaci (‘11), Evan Fugazzi (‘12), Lauren Garvey (‘11), LaurenGidwitz (‘12), J. Gordon (‘11), Kira Grennan (‘13), Mia Herring (‘13), Aubrey Levinthal (‘11), Zach Martin (‘09), Sarah Jackson Moore (‘09) Derrick Quevedo (’11), Sara Sanderson (’10).
Tirelessly is an understatement I think.  I will never see curators in the same way again -- I just hope all the work ends up paying off and makes the amazing participating artists proud.  I will post a bunch of images, blurbs and related materials to come (they're on facebook as well) and you can judge for yourself! (Or come to the opening this Friday :)


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