Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kyle Staver at PCAD

Kyle Staver, Dead Dog, 2007
Kyle Staver, Cinnamon Rolls #2, 2007
Kyle Staver, His Turn, 2005
Kyle Staver, Fub and Tippy, 2007

Here are four paintings from the best show I have seen in a VERRRYY long time.  Ever since my good friend Lauren in my MFA program found this artist online we have brought up her name to each other.  When we are down on our work, we say "remember Kyle Staver!"  But we had never seen her work in person and a minuscule part of me was afraid to.  

Having built her up in my mind to be so amazing, I was a little worried they wouldn't live up to expectations.  This was the worst assumption ever.  The current survey of her work at PCAD in Lancaster blew the three of us who trekked up there away.  We were ebullient standing in front of them.  Formally, the color, compositions, shapes, and mark making were exquisite.  They were enormous too.  We felt like we could follow her thought process as she searched for and found ways to express these subjects.  We realized that every mark seemed to be in touch with the sensation she was trying to show; we could feel the steam of the shower (his turn), dark of night envelope us (dead dog), sadness of morning descend upon us (cinnamon rolls #2).  I have never been more invigorated by a 1.5 hour roadtrip! (to lancaster no less :))


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