Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kathy Bradford Lecture

Yellow Suit Diver, 2010 10 x 8 inches

Working at PAFA this semester happily allows me to take advantage of the many opportunities provided to students and others in this art community. Thank god for that because last Wednesday I heard one of my favorite critics, Kathy Bradford, discuss her work in a lecture at lunch.

Listening to her in this capacity was just as inspiring, intriguing, exciting as working with her for the past two years. If you ever have the chance to see her work in person (she shows at Edward Thorpe) or hear her speak, make sure you do.

Her genuine nature comes through in both and allows others to connect with her in a rare and real way. The best example I can give is she showed the audience of a picture of a handwritten sign which said 'be ordinary'. She said this was a note she left for herself at her studio in Maine so when she came back she would remember this challenge.

For me, as a woman painter, the idea that she is that confident not only in the fact that being ordinary is the best way to make work but that she personally believes in her own ordinary-ness is so thrilling. And she should because she is fabulous.

Man Under Water, 2010, 8 x 6 inches


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