Saturday, June 4, 2011

Capucci at the PMA

The dress above was in the show, along with some great old footage like this of his work as it initially appeared on the runway and in commercial ads.

I went to the Capucci show yesterday at the Phila Museum of Art. It was a fun thing to see, a little less brain power, a little more uninhibited delight than I usually experience while at the PMA. The show is a great visual thing though: careful, idiosyncratic color relations, outrageous forms and decadent materials, all masquerading as dresses- it was quite amusing.

But in all seriousness, I could relate to Capucci, and really enjoyed seeing his work evolve from wacky experiments that seemed unrelated in his early work, to a sustained body of work that showed his eccentricity in taste but felt tied together by his particular interests. I could see he worked through questions he posed to himself, allowing his instincts and talents to guide his practice. My mom pointed out a quote that we really liked which said something like, Capucci worked from nature through memory and emotion. I think this could be said about all great art probably.


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