Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Thesis Show

Here are some shots of my work exhibited for my thesis show. The first is a picture of me, as a friend put it, "looking like a wallflower-- just like in [my] paintings" during the defense.

Installation Shots:

Cheerios with White:

Night Party:


Breakfast at Rodman:

Some detail shots of Breakfast at Rodman:

My statement required for defense:

On my favorite days, reality mixes freely with a little whimsy; patterns separate themselves from their fabric homes and no one questions the flowers when they levitate off the dinner table. Most times though, when I stay with those thoughts, it becomes unnerving. Things begin to change shape and anxiety pushes reverie to the periphery.
Painting scenes from my life and memory, I slowly uncover forms, shadows and relationships not initially remembered. The unsettling air in the paint begins to contradict the namable world of flowers, bowls and coffee cups. The paintings’ apparent delight quietly unravels into colored aberration, illusions into brushed marks.

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