Monday, March 14, 2011

Taste of Spain

Here are some of the wondrous things I saw in the last week in Spain
Mosaic in the Alcazar Palace in Seville
Me in front of a LARGE tree in the Jardins de Murillo
All the streets were inlaid with stones or tiles
Clouds at twilight on the bridge to Triana
Odd vase in the Cathedral's treasury
View of Ronda as the sun broke through rain clouds
Even the pigeons were pretty, the white ones looked so clean
Glazed statue in the Alhambra gardens
Ronda Trees in Silhouette
Starry sky in the day


grace said...

i didn't know that spain already happened!! send an update email girl. xo

p.s. looks beautiful!

Aubrey said...

Thanks girl! It was awesome, crazy month coming up but I'll be in touch soon. Hope all is well.

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