Monday, July 8, 2013

Lowcountry Living

Pelicans were everywhere at Hunting Island State Park

Our new summer home (haha how is that realistic for people?)

Alex holding up a palm tree (again haha.)

Alex and I took a quick trip in the week I had off to what is known as lowcountry (I had never heard this term before the trip.)  It encompassed Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and most everything in between.  We totally fell in love with the architecture and beaches (Sullivan's Island and Hunting Island Park especially). 

 In fact, Alex is trying to convince me that we should move to Savannah, which felt surprisingly familiar with a walk-able center city and little parks all over.  I could leave the fried food although we had a few good plates of seafood (and I tried grits for the first time).  I couldn't find a great art scene either but I'm wondering if it is nestled somewhere I didn't look.  But I would definitely encourage Philly to adopt some of the laid back lifestyle found there, like the 'open container law' that enables people to stroll the streets with a glass of wine.  Overall, I would totally recommend a visit if it has crossed your mind.


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